New Arrivals from Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more


If you put on a catwalk model and child – model, clothing style is similar. The difference is that children’s clothing is designed with imagination, tenderness, love and thought out to the smallest detail.

Create new images in this season will be made of relevant, high-quality fabrics: velvet, denim, suede, cotton.

Today, well-known brands offer a huge selection of clothing for kids, both girls and boys. For baby girls Ralph Lauren has created a wonderful elegant dress in bright colors and a red belt. Such brands as Gucci and Moschino represent to your attention the sliders made of cotton. Sliders from Gucci have print in the form of strawberries that make it very bright. Moschino in turn offers white sliders with a pattern in the form of a bow. Moschino sliders includes hat with a pink bow and white rim in the middle, and even a white bib, and also with a bow. In a cold weather, brands like Absorba and Paul Smith Junior offer a very nice and warm sweater. Sweater from Absorba is in mustard yellow color, Paul Smith Junior offers a cute sweater with a beautiful floral print. In hot weather, such brands as Armani baby and Laranjinha offer shorties and overalls. Shortie by Laranjinha is presented in white-pink color and is made of cotton. Overalls from Armani baby is also made of cotton, presented in pink color, with a sweet bow in the middle. Ideal shoes for your girl it is by Billieblush. They are made of synthetic leather in pink and gold colors, and also with a bow on tiptoes.

Yes, baby fashion, of course, does not stand still, but the final word in the selection of children’s clothing is up to the parents, since they are based on the practicality, reliability and most importantly – their financial capabilities.

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New Arrivals from Timberland, Fendi, Hackett & more

new season girls wear

What a lovely dress by Roberto Cavalli is represented. This summer your baby girl will have a stunning look with these cute ruffles. Bright yellow color remains about hot sunny days. A leopard pattern is one of the most popular in this season. The dress will look more interesting with a pair of bright sandals.

T-shirts are always preferred by babies, as they are very comfortable and suit to any style of dressing. Look at this nice top of light pink color. It is made especially for your baby girl. A nice print of a hedgehog of different bright colors is placed on the front. The T-shirts has several poopers at the back.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada makes it easier to decide how to dress your baby girl in summer. Look at this set – a combination of white T-shirts with a lovely skirt. Yellow color is very popular, and if you have clothing of this bright color, you will for sure gain the attention of others. A cute heart-shaped incut can be seen on the T-shirt. The bottom is of a stylish pattern of spots.

This short-sleeved T-shirt by Gant is the must-have of the baby girl wardrobe. This item will look nice with a pair of denim trousers or a lovely skirt. Lettering comes in floral print and reflects the logo of Gant brand. The cloth is of white color and will create a refreshing feeling in hot summer days.

When choosing footwear for your baby girl, address Aletta and find high quality and practical shoes. These ones are of unique design with open toes. a lovely bow purple flower is placed on the front. The sandals are fastened with a ribbon of pale purple color. The sole is very comfortable and will support good stepping.

Many parents prefer buying simple T-shirts for their children in summer. They believe it is very practical. Junior Gaultier also thinks so; for this the brand offers a nice model of white top for baby girls. It is made from soft cotton. A print of a girl with a bear can be seen on the front of it.

Pink is definitely the most adored and preferable color of baby girls; so, your child will for sure like this nice dress by Billieblush. It is pleated all along. A fine collar is embroidered with beads and golden thread. It has no sleeves. The dress has a special cotton lining.

A nice body vest by Guess looks very nice with an original print of butterflies of different bright colors. The edges are of beige color. The vest has poopers on one shoulder and between legs. It will help parents to dress the baby and change nappies. It comes with short sleeves.

Are you looking for a lovely shortie for your baby girl& how about this one by Tartine et Chocolat? The pale pink color looks very girlish. A pleated area on chest and trims around the shoulders make the item look very feminine. Bottoms at the back serve as a fastening.

new season boys wear

Timberland knows how to make even the look of a baby boy a stunning one. This body vest is an imitation of a shirt, which comes with a black bow tie. The item is made from natural fabric. The shirt comes upon a vest of white color. This piece will create a festive or formal style.

Children all are fond of joyful characters and nice prints on clothing. for example, this T-shirt by Stella McCartney Kids is made for those baby boys, who are fond of funny pictures. A lovely monster will attract the view of boys. Bright green sleeves make the piece very impressive.

T-shirts can be worn with any kind of trousers. For this reason Burberry offers to customers this one of pale blue color. The logo of the brand is printed at the front. Two poppers for easy putting one are placed on one shoulder.

Guess has made a nice T-shirt for baby boys. It comes in white color, but with the logo of the brand printed on the front. It is represented in an innovative style. The item is made from high quality fabric – soft cotton. So a smooth and comfortable feeling is guaranteed to young boys.

Kenzo is known to customers thanks the tiger’s head, which is usually printed on clothing of the brand. This model of a T-shirt also has the picture of the animal with lettering of bright color. The top itself is of gray color. It will nicely look with a pair of dark denim trousers or Bermuda shorts. The T-shirt can be easily put on thanks the poppers that are placed at the back.

The most comfortable bottom for wearing during summer time is lightweight shorts, like these ones by Dolce & Gabbana. They are made from cotton and special stretchy fabric, which create a good fitting. The shorts imitate denim bottoms, but the adjustable waist is of gray cotton material. A tie is inserted in the waist.

Roberto Cavalli continues to create not only clothing, but also footwear in a leopard style. These pre-walkers for baby boys look very stylish and they will for sure create an unforgettable impression of your child. The combination of green and blue colors is chosen especially to satisfy the tastes of boys. The name of the brand is written at the back of the shoes.

Don’t have any idea of a clothing combination for your baby boy? See the new model of these shorties by Ralph Lauren. It is of pleasant blue color with black short sleeves. And only the neck line is of pale yellow color. The front is embroidered with the logo of the brand.

White is always is trend. This season the color plays a very important role, as it can be combined with any other color. The cotton trousers by Burberry can be worn with a bright top or a checked shirt. The possibility of rolling them up is very nice. The trims are of traditional English check pattern.

new season baby boys wear

In case the weather is getting worse or the temperature is getting down, pay attention to dress your boy in warm clothes. Little Marc Jacobs represents a nice sweater of gray color. Marl seagull – one of the main characters of the brand – is printed on the front. He is adored by many young boys. The jersey will look fantastic with both denim trousers and track bottoms.

Clothing must be comfortable for wearing it, but it is not less important that it will look stylish and trendy. BOSS has created a nice shirt with short sleeves for any occasion. This white top with pale blue strips can be worn with jeans for a casual style; or with more formal trousers. It will look great at any case.

Besides traditional T-shirts, BOSS offers a great variety of polo shirts for young boys. This gray top with black collar and cuff trims will create a nice casual look of a child. There is a small pocket, which is placed on lest side of the chest. The shirt is made from soft cotton.

Fun & Fun is a nice brand of clothing that offers cool T-shirts for the coming summer season. As white color is always in use, try this top with a fancy print on the front. Black colored glasses open a panorama to some sightseeing. Each boy will be gals to have such a nice piece of clothing in his wardrobe.

Young boys usually prefer blue color in their clothing and footwear. Moschino Kid-Teen follows their demands and tastes. For this reason the designers decided to create fine trainers of bright color. They are made from synthetic leather, but a rubber sole is of high quality and prevent slipping. Colorful lettering of the name of Moschino Kid-Teen is placed in a special Velcro strap.

Match the look of a young boy with this baseball cap by Diesel. The white color of it looks very beautiful at the hot summer sun. The front of the cap is decorated with a blur colored name of Diesel and a print of man. The buckle at the back can be adjusted sue to the head size.

A belt by Billionaire will be a good purchasing for a young boy. It can be worn with any kind of jeans or any other trousers or shorts. It is of dark blue color with a metal buckle fastening. The belt is made from 100% soft leather.

Bermuda shorts are the preferable pants among many young boys. These ones by MSGM are going to be a must-have during the summer season. They attract the view of colorful patches at the front and back. Besides, these bottoms are more comfortable than any denim trousers.

Hackett of London assures that the appearance of a young boy should be matched with a cool and stylish backpack. If going for hiking or traveling, this accessory will help a lot. It is possible to put in all necessary things, as the bag has a lot of space. Adjustable straps are convenient.

new season baby girls wear

Is your girl going to have any special celebration or an important event? this is the reason to choose this amazing dress by Fendi. The light color of the item makes it very gentle and delicate. The dress has a white smart collar, which adds some formality. A textile belt can be tied around the waist in the shape of a lovely bow. The same bow is placed at the back of the dress.

Luxury is the thing, which must be achieved by young girls with combining clothing. This T-shirt by Microbe by Miss Grant is totally corresponded to it. A big print of a cake is placed on the front. It is embroidered with diamante gems and crystals; they will shine in the bright sun during hot summer days.

Summer is getting it its end and cool weather is already here? Put on a nice knitted cardigan by Billyblush. Is comes in lovely pale yellow color. Buttons all along the item are used for fastening the cardigan. It can be out on any top or shirt. Besides, a skirt or trousers will look fine with the jersey.

“Let the sun shine” – this logo is placed on the T-shirt by DKNY. The designers offer this pale blue top for young girls. The item is made from high quality cotton only. The T-shirt won’t squeeze the body in summer time and the girl will have a nice cooling feeling. Try the piece with summer denim shorts.

When it is hot outside, sandals are the perfect footwear for children. these one by Liu Jo cone with open toes and a thin strap at the front. A silver clasp with the name of the brand is placed there too. The shoes is all embroidered with silver glittering covering, so the shoes may be worn for a festive occasion. A wide strap focus the ankle in one position.

Dresses are the essential clothing of young girls during summer. They like wearing loose fitting dresses of different length and color. This lovely item by I Pinco Pallino is a nice choice too. the gathered shape at the waist adds some originality to the whole piece. A small pink rose can be seen on one shoulder. Bright turquoise and yellow colors are combined.

Get a new model of a t-shirt by Billieblush. This lovely giraffe of neon pink color looks so nice on a white background of the T-shirt. The item has short sleeves and round neck. It will be comfortable to wear the T-shirt, as a special stretchy fabric allows good fitting of it.

Sometimes wearing denim trousers may be uncomfortable when the weather is very hot. But Billieblush offers another solution – cool joggings. They seem to be very stylish thanks the glitter covering. Besides, the bright yellow color looks amazing. They don’t have any fastening, but an elasticated waistband. Try to wear these leggings with a stretchy T-shirt of bright color too.

Accessories play very important role in a look of young girls. It is very nice to add a hairband in order to match the appearance. But this hair accessory by Aletta is created especially for a festive event or a holiday celebration. The hairband is beautifully embroidered with fabric flowers of white colors and green leaves.

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Pop art children designers clothes

pop art children clothes

Summer is the perfect time to leave the city and go for camping or spending time near the seaside; boys need special bag for carrying all necessary stuff, such as tent, sleeping bag, swimming shorts, a swim mask and other. There is a nice choice of a spacey bag for children, which is represented by Little Eleven Paris. The print of the well known Disney character – Mickey Mouse – covers the bag all over. This item is designed in a duffle style and comes with two handles that make it comfortable for carrying. There is one compartment to put everything.

If you want to provide your child with a real remarkable look, you have to address John Galliano. This brand with its creative designers has created an unforgettable style of a T-shirt for young boys. The front of the item is divided into two halves; one of them is made in a sportive style in bright yellow leopard print. The other comes in bright view on a ferris wheel. The back is made according this style too, where one half is with magazine lettering and the next is white colored. Each boy will attract the view of other at once.

Boys are known not to read books often, but they do like reviewing different comics with different funny characters and situations. The famous brand Moschino offers nice design of summer shorts with comic print all over. It looks very bright thanks colorful images. The waist is adjustable, so the cloth can be made smaller according the child’s size. A classic white T-shirt will match the look more.

The most preferred print of many boys is, of course, a picture of their favorite cartoon characters. Today brands offer a wide variety of clothing with different cartoon scenes. a nice crocodile print is placed on a lovely T-shirt by Diesel. The item has short sleeves and two poppers on one shoulder. the background is of bright green color, designed in a wash out style. The name of the brand is also printed on the front in white color. A soft fabric will provide the kid with comfort during hot season.

Uniqueness is the main feature of the coming summer season. The designers of John Galliano are sure that each young kid needs to express himself in choosing his clothes. The new collection of the brand consists of many original designs of T-shirts. This one comes in a gazette style with lettering print of a newspaper. Bright graffiti pictures also embroider the item. The short sleeves come on gray color with straps on the top. It looks very contrastive, but amazing.

Get the most remarkable and unique trainers by Billybandit. The new style of shoes is going to make you be surprised. There is no same design of them at any other brand. Hurry up and use the possibility of buying them for young boy. They are high top and combines blue, red and white colors. Bright blue lace badges are attached to the footwear; but they can be removed as well. These trainers can also serve as a nice gift for a birthday.

cartoon cutie

When thinking about baby girls, the first thing that occurs to mind is their love to princesses. It is a true thing, as since childhood young ladies watch cartoons with those lovely characters; they play with them, imitating being and living in palace. But it is not all about it. Today Little Eleven Paris has a nice collection of clothing and accessories with prints of different princess. For example, a new bag in a duffle style is represented here. It has only one compartment, but there is enough space for all necessary things. Two handles are comfortable for carrying it.

Disney cartoons are the preferable among young children; girls adore those funny characters and usually watch stories with them. Today they may not only see them on TV, but also wear nice clothing with their favorite characters. Don’t imagine? Have this amazing T-shirt with short sleeves with the print of Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. The colors are bright and vivid. This nice top is of casual style and will suit for going for a walk or visiting friends.

Kenzo designers have decided to impress the customers with a new design of cardigan. The item is created due to the women’s collection. It is supplied with concealed poppers that are used for front fastening. The neck is oval shaped; hem and cuffs are trimmed. The print is very brisk, as it combines vivid red, pink, orange and blue colors. The cardigan is nice looking and will perfectly fit to a casual style with a pair of bright cotton trousers.

In it a well known fact that children adore reading comics; they choose their favorite theme and characters. For that very reason they will adore this warm sweater by Moschino. The designers have worked on a style that will satisfy the tastes of young girls. The main feature of this top is using bright colors, as summer is the ideal season for this. The cuffs, neck line and hem are trimmed; they come in pale blue color and are nicely combined with the print.

What an amazing dress is offered by Fun & Fun for young girls to wear in this summer. This is the ideal clothing for wearing both for daily walking and a birthday celebration. The waist is gathered with a bright red ribbon. There are no sleeved, only wide straps of white color. A floaty skirt make the dress look very delicate. but the most impressive thing about it is the all over print of red lips. The piece fastens thanks a concealed zip at the back.

Sandals are the main footwear during summer season; it is very comfortable for wearing, as they are breathable and toes and feet are open. Girls for sure would like to have such bright shoes in the wardrobe. These ones by Stella McCartney Kids are embroidered with a rainbow and cloud design on the front. They fasten with a buckle at the back strap. The inner sole is made from patent leather, but creates a good stepping.

snap happy

Just such fashionable brand, as John Galliano can provide a baby boy with both comfort and style. It is a well known fact that the designers use only high quality and natural fabrics. It is very important to make the baby feel himself comfortable since early age. But a big attention should be paid to his look as well. A nice choice of a t-shirt will be this one by John Galliano. The designer offers a 100% cotton cloth that attracts the view at once in such an original print. The T-shirt is designed in gazette style with bright graffiti on it. Brisk orange, yellow and green letterings look impressive on a white background.

Young boys adore putting on T-shirts with funny and cool prints, as it makes the look childish and cute. Especially for this reason the famous brand John Galliano advices to parents to pay attention to this lovely top with a ball for playing baseball. The item itself comes in striped pattern of gray and blue colors. It has shorts sleeves that are blue colored. It is easy for fastening with the two poppers that are placed on one shoulder. this kind of clothing will suit more to those boys, who are fond of playing sportive games; and enjoy summer outdoor activities.

If asking a young boy about his favorite activity during summer time, his answer will be swimming. Many families go to spend summer holidays at the seaside with their children, so it is necessary for them to buy stylish swimming suit. Of course that kids would like to have a stylish swim wear; like this one by MC2 St Barth. The swimming trunks are of bright red color with a trendy print of Mickey Mouse on it. This is the most favorite character of many children. Besides, the logo of MC2 St Barth is placed at the side.

The most preferable toy of young boys is a driving car; and especially because of this they usually offer clothing and accessories with this print. So we are sure that those summer shorts will be sold very fast. So don’t hesitate and please your boy with a pair of these pants. Though they are of gray color, the cars on them are of bright shades: orange, green, red, blue etc. The waistband is elasticated and is fastened with a tie. The back pocket is colored in bright blue. The advantage of this item is the natural fabric, which it is made from; as it won’t make the boy feel hot in summer.

Very convenient clothing for many babies is shorties. It is not necessary to combine tops with bottoms, as it comes in one piece. The color are short sleeves are of bright green color and embroidered with camera print. The body itself is of white color with a big image of a camera on it. The smart collar nicely fit the whole item. Don’t worry about changing nappies, as special poppers at the back serve especially for this.

fruit fancies

DKNY is the brand that knows how to create a stylish look of a baby girl. The designers are sure that it is not always necessary to use bright sequins and crystals in order to match a remarkable look of a girl. But a simple clothing, for example this classic T-shirt, sometimes may only be accompanied with a nice hair accessory or a jewel, but express an extremely stylish look. Purchase this T-shirt of traditional style with puffed short sleeves and a lovely bright red heart in the middle with lettering “DKNY”. There are poppers at the beck for easy putting on.

Besides jeans and cotton trousers that sometimes may be uncomfortable for wearing in summer, especially if the weather is too hot, Monnalisa Bebe has a nice choice, as these leggings on very interesting design. They are made from soft fabric, which provide girls with smooth feeling. A bright and dark red print of cherries covers the legs. The green leaves stand out on the white background. The waist is elasticated, so the item can fit to any size and shape. These stunning and original leggings are only of a casual style and nicely suit to a white or colorful T-shirt.

Each young girl search attentively to a perfect swimming suit; of course that she should be the most stylish and fashionable on the beach. The main feature of a girlish swim wear in the pink color, as it is very important to be in trend and keep to last tendencies. MC2 St Barth has the solution for the fancier ones. This bikini looks amazing! It comes in two pieces: the upper one is bandeau top with a print of Minnie Mouse all over; it has a thin strap that can be hung over the neck. The bottom is embroidered with frills along the edges. There are ties at the back of the top and trunks, but they serve only as a décor element.

When going to the beach, jelly shoes are an essential thing to take with; because it is important not to harm the feet of young girls. It may be difficult to walk on hot sand with bare feet, so these lovely sandals of rubber by Mini Melissa can help. They have hole all over for the feet to breathe. The pink color perfectly looks with a nice strawberry detail on the front. There is Velcro strap that won’t let the shoes to slip out.

Today it has become very popular to put clothing of unique and extraordinary style, as all traditional patterns are already boring and there is a desire for something new; besides, young girls can express themselves using original details. This new dress at the collection of John Galliano will amaze you for sure. A gazette design embroiders all the dress. The clothing has puffed short cuffs and frilled collar. The waist is gathered with frills as well. The dress has pale blue and pink patterns of stars and other elements that can be seen behind the newspaper lettering.

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Boys New Season Spring Summer ’15 Collection

Boys New Season Spring Summer '15 Collection

Summer is a good season for unusual and unique patterns on clothing. Look at this long sleeved cotton shirt for young boys. It is fully covered with tree and animal images, which will attract the attention of your boy. It also has roll-back sleeves with chambray cuffs. The shirt will look great with a pair of denim jeans.

Short sleeved T-shirts never can be too many in a wardrobe of a child. In summer parents are used to buy tops of bright colors and high quality. This Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt with colorful animal pattern on the front is a good choice for your boy.

Babygrows are the clothing must preferred among modern parents, especially in summer season. GF Ferre offers you to dress a baby boy in a gray color babygrow of soft cotton with white logo print trims and a pocket on the chest. It has white smart collar and white colored feet as well. Poopers between legs allow easy changing of nappies.

Comfortable cotton tops are the main item in one’s wardrobe. This summer boys can enjoy a variety of colorful T-shirts by Paul Smith Junior. This T-shirt of pale blue color has a nice giraffe print on its front. It has two poppers on neck for easy dressing.

The casual style of baby boy can be provided by a cotton shirt that nicely goes with dark denim jeans. MOSCHINO BABY offers a short sleeved shirt of bright red color with a blue logo print on the front of it. It will be a good additional item for you boy in summer.

Soft cotton T-shirt by Kenzo is really stylish, considering the cool print of a tiger’s head in the bottom of it. This unisex top will match the casual look of a baby boy. And it nicely goes with shorts or a pair of jeans.

Babygrows are for sure very nice gift for every baby. The white babygrow with feet by MOSCHINO BABY has an unusual design, represented by a big image of a dinosaur of red and blue colors. The press buttons at the back and between legs make the process of dressing quicker and it is easier to change nappies.

Babynests are a very useful and comfortable accessory for babies. May parents tend to buy stylish babynests by MISSONI. Thanks the creative design represented by blue and ivory colored zig-zag, a cozy feeling will appear for sure.

Trendy shorties are the must-have of this season and it will be a perfect addition to any baby boys’ wardrobe. This cotton gray shortie with a red shark bite print would look unique on your boy this summer. Fins at the both sides add a remarkable look.

Pre-walker trainers by BOSS look very stylish due to the combination of pale blue and white colors. They will have a perfect look with dark denim jeans.

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Spring-Summer ’15 Girls Brand Clothes

Girls new season

Floral theme is extremely popular, as it reminds about summer warm days. This unique dress by I Pinco Pallino is nicely embroidered with stunning butterflies and flowers in metallic, gold, bright pink and blue colors. The full shaped skirt and capped sleeves add a feminine look to the dress. The champagne color is finely combined with aqua lining.

A cute T-shirt dress by Little Marc Jacobs is for sure a must-have of this season. The bright stylish prints of sunglasses and pink handbag look amazing on the gray color of the dress. It would be a nice additional item in a wardrobe of a real small lady.

Dresses always play a very important part in a look of a girl. This summer a floral print dress is one of the most demanded items. GF Ferre offers a pretty sleeveless dress made from satin. Purple and green colors prevail on the front and back of the item. It is embroidered with beads and jewels around the collar; that makes it look more stylish. This dress can serve as for daily wearing, as for parties.

Soft cotton tops are always a good option to wear with denim jeans, shorts or cotton trousers. Look at this white short sleeved top by Kenzo. It has a logo print on the front in a navy blue and abstract floral print.

The floral theme is used not only in clothing, but footwear as well. Quis Quis designed special sandals for young girls that would create both casual and festive look. They are made from suede leather with full leather inner sole. The pale green color of sandals is perfectly combined with cute pink gems and floral detail on the front. A convenient fastening at the back is a big advantage.

When the temperature is getting down, the weather turns cooler. The best advice to keep your girl warm is to dress her in a cotton knitted cardigan. You can have a look at this one of white color by Junior Gaultier. It has a convenient button fastening. A nice colorful flower is embroidered on the chest. It makes a cute look of the whole product.

A real young princess must have luxurious accessories to match her stunning look. David Charles offers a great variety of items for more festive events. This beautiful beaded bracelet, embroidered with crystal gems and fresh water pearls, looks elegant and exquisitely at the same time. It would perfectly suit to cute summer dress.

Not only a look of a girl must attract attention, but also her new smart phone. For this case, Dolce & GABBANA created a stylish design of a patent leather wallet. It has a pastel pink fan print with a golden logo of the brand. Each teen would like to have this stunning wallet to express her individuality.

Every girl must have a stylish bag for carrying her phone, purse and other essentials. A handbag by Miss Blumarine is a good option for that. It is of ivory color with nicely cut out flowers, and several frills. A cool silver chain would be comfortable for hanging the bag over the shoulder.

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Knit Wit Kids Look

LACOSTE Boys Navy Blue Knitted Cardigan MURPHY & NYE Navy Blue Checked Cotton Shirt HYDROGEN Boys Blue Camouflage Scarf CESARE PACIOTTI 4US Grey Leather Embossed Logo Belt RALPH LAUREN Navy Lace And Velcro Shoe Image Map

Some boys don’t like shirts, as they associate them with classical style in clothing. In reality, there are nowadays a lot of casual options, which would look stylish and great with jeans or skinny trousers as well. One of the examples could be the checked long sleeved t-shirt by Murphy & Nye. Combination of navy blue and grey colors is classical for men’s clothing. The t-shirt is fastened with front buttons and there are additional buttons on the sleeves for fixing the turn ups in place for more casual look.

Cardigans are usual type of clothing for the cold time of the year. They could be worn separately over a t-shirt or a shirt or together with jacket or coat. Navy blue and white knitted cardigan by Lacoste is made of wool and cotton mix, which makes it very warm and comfortable. The snowflake pattern associates with winter time and winter holidays. The brown buttons for fastening are big and good for fastening even for small boys. There is crocodile logo embroidery on the front. This cardigan could be well combined with trousers, jeans.

If your boy doesn’t like classical type of trousers, still there are always occasions, which demand more traditional clothing, than jeans and t-shirts, then you could purchase the chino fit straight trousers by Hackett London. They are made of soft cotton, which makes them rather comfortable for any time of the year. The dark green color is easy compatible with numerous colors of the boys’ clothing. There are two pockets on the back with buttons and small logo on the front. The adjustable waist contributes to better fitting. Such trousers could be worn as part of casual outfit, as well as combined with white shirt for special occasion.

Choosing a nice scarf for a boy is not an easy task sometimes, they all seem alike, however if you are looking for high quality stylish accessory for your boy, then it is better to choose the one by Hydrogen. It is made of soft wool and silk mix, thus it is nice to touch and will not cause any discomfort to the neck skin. It has one camouflage side and the other side is with Hydrogen logo print. The frayed edges contribute to stylish look of the scarf. It is suitable for small boys, as well as for teenagers.

If you are sure, that a belt is not an important detail for boys’ outfits, then you are mistaken. It has both practical as well as stylistic functions and depending on the color of the belt, on its buckle and general correspondence to the whole outfit, it would either make the image finished or spoil it. The belt by Cesare Paciotti 4US is made from real leather, which makes it rather practical and soft. The classic buckle fastening is comfortable and compatible with classical trousers, as well as casual type of trousers or jeans.

Trainers are popular for children of all ages, they are comfortable and easy to put on, they could be worn with sportive type of clothing, as well as casual trousers, jeans, or shorts. Kind of classical trainers, without any extra details, are presented here by Ralph Lauren. They are of dark navy blue color, with red logo embroidery on the sides. The white sides of the soles make good color contrast and add to bright look of the trainers. They fasten with velcro straps in addition to imitation of laces, which are elasticated, and make the process of putting on the trainers easy and quick even for small children.

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Sterling Style Children Look

PETIT NORD Silver Leather Fur Trim Hat YOUNG VERSACE Boys Grey Cotton Medusa T-Shirt KENZO Silver Grey Tiger Sweater YOUNG VERSACE Metallic Leather High-Top Trainers PETIT NORD Silver Sheepskin Mittens with Fur Trim GUESS Boys Navy Blue and Silver Puffer Jacket Image Map

Bright colors are often used not only for the special occasion clothing for children. Sometimes for creating a cool casual look it is also possible to add some smart and bight details, like for example the hat by Petit Nord. Being made from the softest leather with a cotton lining and silky rabbit fur trim, it is certainly very warm and would brighten up the winter days of you boy. The color is undemanding and could be well combined with various colors of jackets, coats and boots. The ear flaps add warmth and at the same time provide various options of wearing the hat, either with flaps turned up or down.


Sweaters and sweatshirts are traditional for cold time of the year, they are well combined with various types of trousers, jeans, there is a great variety of styles, patterns, prints, thus any parent is able do find the suitable variant for the child. The sweater by Kenzo is of pale grey color, it looks really boyish and stylish thanks to the unusual embroidery with tiger head and logo. The embroidery, made of metallic thread, certainly adds brightness to the general image of the sweatshirt. The ribbed trims on the neck hole, cuffs and hem make the image finished.


Cotton long sleeved t-shirts are extremely popular among boys of any age. They are perfectly suiting any sportive trousers, jeans, skinny trousers and trainers. They could be a part of special occasion outfit, as well as worn for everyday under the cardigan or sweater. The cotton jersey t-shirt by Young Versace has bright velvet and silver image of Medusa on the front, adding style to the t-shirt. It could be well combined with most colors of boys’ clothing and help to create a cool image for a baby boy, as well as for a teenager.


Most boys like sportive style in their closing for every day. Thus as soon as winter comes, there is a need to choose a warm and comfortable puffer jacket for them; one of the options could be presented here by Guess. A striped navy blue and silver puffer jacket has classical cut. There is a badge logo on the sleeve and stars print on the front. The silky lining is nice to touch; there are two traditional front pockets and a lightweight hood, which would be hidden inside the collar with the zipper. The jacket would look great with jeans or skinny trousers and navy blue or silver trainers.


Trainers are adored by boys of all ages; they are comfortable to wear everyday with jeans or to put on, when going to some sports activities in addition to a sports costume. High-top trainers have a bit different look and are more appropriate for colder time of the year. The high-top trainers by Young Versace are made of real leather. The metallic silver shine makes them look really sophisticated and stylish, they would brighten up any type of outfit. The front strap and laces could be used for better fixing the trainers; there is a zipper on the side for quick putting on.


Irrespective of the type of the weather, the natural materials are always better for our children’s clothing. Especially during cold time of the year, parents do pay attention to the natural materials, as they are comfortable to wear, and are able to preserve warmth and protect from cold winds. Petit Nord presents here metallic silver mittens, made of sheepskin with rabbit fur trims. Apart of looking stunning and bright, these mitten guarantee warmth and comfort for your child, they could be perfectly combined with grey or silver jacket or boots, with a hat of corresponding color or even a silver colored scarf.

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Christmas Sale Now On!

Christmas Sale

If you are feeling that Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching quicker than you expected, if you couldn’t find time to look into all shops and find the best presents for your child, if there is a great special occasion approaching and your girl or boy is absolutely not ready, because he or she is missing the suitable special occasion dress or a suit, then you could be sure, that we will be able to save the situation, providing a great sale for you, so that you could buy the best clothing, toys, shoes for your beloved children, make them feel comfortable, smart, stylish and happy, and all this for the lower prices, than usually. If you still don’t have the single idea about what present to buy for your friends, who have a new baby born this year or this month maybe, if your are not that good at knowing all the needs of the small babies and of the clothing for them and ideas for gifts, then you are welcome to our shop, where you will have the chance to browse the numerous options, split by categories for your convenience and with consideration of the best possible prices, as the sales’ period has started already. You will have to hurry to be in time with the high quality nice and lovely clothing pieces or toys, made only of the high quality materials, which are suitable for the small babies under one year. Also if you family is celebrating the first Christmas with the new born member of the family, you probably lack time and experience for choosing the best presents and clothing for your baby – you are welcome to use our services, especially during the period of great sales!

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Kids Mono Look

Kids Mono Look

A stylish looking scarf is not purely ladies’ accessory. It could be well integrated into the outfit of a man or a young boy as well. Especially, if we are talking about the scarf by Armani Teen. Navy blue color would make it look matching with most colors of boys’ clothing, at the same time the scarf is made of 100 % cotton, which makes it really nice to touch and will not cause any irritation on the neck. It could be used as an additional warming detail for cold time of the year as well as just a stylistic detail for cool weather.


Most young boys like stylish looking clothing, but without many details, prints, they appreciate simple cut and stylish made print or embroidery. If your boy belongs to this category, then the t-shirt by MSGM would be for sure a good present for him. Ivory colored with a star print in the front it looks undemanding on the one hand, rather stylish – on the other. It could be combined with sportive trousers, with jeans or skinny trousers, with shorts or with cardigan or vest. The star print looks simple, but adding visual volume to the whole t-shirt.


Cardigans should be present in any wardrobe, as soon as winter time is approaching. They could be worn as parts of casual outfit or in addition to some special occasion clothing, depending on the style of the cardigan. The zip-up cardigan presented here by Junior Gaultier is rather for attractive everyday outfit. It is made of knitted cotton mix, which makes it rather warm and soft. The ribbed hem and edges are making perfect contrast with the whole zip-up, as well as with the knitted logo on the front. The combination of black and white colors is classical and can be easily combined with most of the clothing in your boy’s wardrobe.


It is a long period of time already, when neither adult people nor children could imagine their wardrobes without several pairs of jeans of all colors and of various styles. Jeans belong to the list of the most popular types of clothing for every day, sometimes they could be parts of special occasion outfit as well. Jeans by IKKS are made from soft cotton denim, they have the classical five pockets and the adjustable waist for proper fitting to the figure. A creased ‘whisker’ effect makes them look stylish and bright.



Trainers are usually adored by teenagers, at the same time they are rather comfortable and practical for small children as well. High heel trainers belong to a separate category and are on the peak of popularity nowadays. Black and white high heel trainers by John Galliano would be a great addition to any boy’s wardrobe. They are fastened on the front with laces and a velcro strap for tightening. However there is a side zipper for quick and easy putting them on. They are made of soft leather and would be comfortable for any type of activity of your boy.


Belts belong to the list of unisex accessories, which have both stylistic as well as practical function of keeping the trousers in their proper place. Certainly there are various designs of belts for girls and boys. The belt by John Galliano is purely boyish, it is made of soft leather of grey color, which makes it suitable for most of the types and colors of casual trousers, they are decorated with silver ‘JG’ logo buckle, looking cool and smart. The special treating of the leather resulted in getting darker edges, which makes each belt really unique.

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Candy Crush Kids Outfit

Candy Crush Kids Outfit

Cardigans are without any doubts one of the best type of girl’s clothing for cold timer of the year. Wool blend cardigan by Pampolina would for sure be one of the favorite in the wardrobe of your girl. It has a classical cut, with ribbed placket, sleeve endings and neck hole in contrasting white color. The whole cardigan is made with white spots weave on the outside and the inside is white with grey spots, which makes it look smart and adds warmth. This cardigan would look great with a pair of skinny trousers or jeans, with a blouse and skirt set as well as with a dress. It could be worn as casual clothing for everyday, also be a part of a special occasion outfit.


Long-sleeved t-shirts are rather comfortable. They could be worn separately or used as an additional layer of clothing, in case it is really cold outside. Ivory long sleeved t-shirt by DKNY has a classical cut. It is made of soft stretch cotton jersey, which is the best fabric for tender child’s skin.  There are press buttons on the back part, which contributes to quick dressing an undressing even for a small child. The cool print with glittery image of a New York girl on the front would for sure be appreciated by your girl. In combination with jeans or any skirt, this t-shirt would create a lovely girlish image.


Dresses and skirts are certainly the most popular types of clothing for girls, because they really contribute to creating a tender feminine image. If you are looking for a special occasion skirt, then you could consider the double-layered tutu skirt, presented here by Angel’s Face. The grey and silver colors make it look like a piece of jewelry, at the same time allowing to combine it with various colors of tops. The elasticated waist is an advantage for proper fitting, and the satin tape bow on the front provides a smart finishing touch for the outfit.


Glamorous fur coats look really cool even on small baby girls. The artificial fur coat by Mayoral looks stunning for winter time. Its ivory color makes it compatible with various colors of accessories. The ribbon bow on the front adds charming detail to the whole image. The fur is made is soft swirls, which makes the fur coat look unusual and smart. The fur coat could also be a good variant of a present for a small princess. The press buttons on the front make the process of dressing easy and quick.


Accessories play important role for creating a general image, irrespective of the time of the year as well as the occasion. Even if we are talking about casual clothing for everyday, it is necessary to choose comfortable and suitable accessories. Taking care of the warmth and comfort of your girl, you would for sure want to purchase a nice pink knitted scarf by RoRo. It is made with a softest wool yarn, which makes it rather tender towards child’s skin. Pretty roses print on both endings make the scarf look feminine and tender.


If your girl likes spending time near the water, on the beach, near the pool, then you could make her activities brighter by purchasing a pair of really cute jelly shoes by Mini Melissa. There are cool teddy bear faces on the front and a velcro strap, which is easy to fasten even for a small girl, and a flexible sole, which is needed for comfortable walking. The peep toe hole on the front guarantees the comfort of your girl’s feet, even if it is rather warm. The shoes are packed into a box, which makes it a possible present to a lovely girl.

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