Aden & Anais Baby Towels, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

Aden & Anais

Aden & Anais Baby Towels, Blankets, Sleeping Bags

Aden & Anais is an American trademark that was founded in 2006. The founder of the trademark, Raegan Moya-Jones was born in Australia where she learnt a great variety of traditional practices of motherhood. Raegan Moya-Jones was most of all amazed by swaddling babies in muslin sheets, as even the most restless kids seemed to sleep even more peacefully in such kinds of sheets. She soon realized that despite the unfavorable weather conditions, muslin sheets made little babies feel extremely cozy and comfy. It is well known that the act of swaddling is what seems to unite mothers and their little babies. Once the future designer moved to America and started her own family, she started looking for the kind of swaddles she saw in Australia, but it was all in vain. The available muslin sheets seemed to be either too small or made of the excessively thick flannel. And this is how the idea to create Aden & Anais was born. It did not take much time for the brand’s baby goods to start popping up in various fashion stores all over the country. Today, the brand guarantees that muslin baby products are convenient to use and feature beautiful designs. The brand’s designer believes that muslin will make easier the lives of caring and loving mothers.

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