AM66 Kids Trainers

AM66 Trainers

AM66 Kids Trainers

AM66 is a fashion brand founded by Andrea Montelpare. You will see a lot of neon in the summer collection of kid’s footwear offered by the brand. AM66 offers trainers, pumps and sandals for boys and girls alike. All products of the brand are available in vibrant neon colors and shades. Moreover, a great variety of sizes allows every parent to find just what their kids need. Funky styles and designs will please even the most sophisticated tastes. The recent collection of the brand includes slouchy boots, ballet pumps, multicolored trainers and various other kinds of footwear for boys and girls who always want to look their best. Animal skin prints and studded metal details will surely be to the liking of your little kid. All products of the brand are intended for those who value creativity and originality of design. Andrea Montelpare follows three basic principles that allow the designer to create unique models of kid’s footwear. The first principle is based on the thorough choice of materials, severe control of the technological process and the use of innovations and scientific research. The second principle is to guarantee the safety and comfort of every pair of kid’s shoes. And the third one is the research of the latest tendencies in fashion and constant improvement of the individual style.

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