Anne Kurris Baby Clothes

Anne Kurris

Anne Kurris Baby Clothes

Anne Kurris is a Belgian fashion brand founded by a widely known fashion designer. Anne Kurris studied design at the Belgian Royal Academy, where she met a great number of talented designers who belonged to “The Antwerp Six”. Soon after the graduation from the Academy, Anne Kurris started her career as a designer by making invitations and catalogues for Dries Van Noten. Then, she occupied a position of an art designer and worked for one of the renowned Belgian fashion magazines. She also worked for a local Museum of Fine Arts. Only in 1998, Anne Kurris launched her first collection of kid’s wear. She was inspired by nature and pop art for the creation of her designs of kid’s clothing. Her collections are characterized by a supreme combination of bright colors and original graphic designs. Anne Kurris kid’s wear is distributed in numerous countries, let alone such fashion cities as Paris, London and New York. The kid’s wear by Anne Kurris is distinguished by its beautiful and exquisite prints. The flower prints are the major motive of her designs. Even the designs with no flower images remind of colorful summer flowers owing the use of bright color combinations. All kid’s clothes designed by Anne Kurris are in harmony with the general concept of the brand.

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