Archimede Baby Beach Wear

Archimede Baby swimwear

Archimede Baby Beach Wear

Archimede is a widely known fashion brand that specializes in the production of kids’ clothing and swimwear. It was founded in Belgium in the late 1980s. The major aim of the trademark is to produce premium quality swimming suits for kids of different age groups. In 1997, Archimede launched its new line of clothes for kids. It offered kid’s swimsuits with special protection. Such swimwear became known as anti-leakage swimsuits. Furthermore, the Archimede brand now offers hats, stylish boys’ shirts for swimming, special float suits for those kids who learn to swim and many other kinds of beach wear. Owing the use of innovative technologies, the brand’s products are of supreme quality and cause no harm to the kids’ health. Nowadays, the Archemide brand occupies a leading position in the competitive market of children’s fashion industry. It is a leader in swimwear and beachwear production for children aged from 2-3 months to 12 years. Today, the brand’s products are distributed in 35 countries and can be purchased in some of the most respectable boutiques of London, Paris and other leading fashion cities of the world. Brightly colored swimsuits, fashionable bikinis, stylish skirts, fancy sun glasses, comfortable beach footwear, trendy tunics and a great variety of other goods by Archimede are now available online.

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