Bikkembergs Baby Clothes

Bikkembergs Baby

Bikkembergs Baby Clothes

The founder of the fashion brand, Dirk Bikkembergs has managed to turn his name into one of the most reputable and respectable trademarks in the sphere of fashion. In 1982, he graduated from the local Royal Academy of Arts in Belgium. Along with several other designers, Dirk Bikkembergs organized a group known as “Antwerp’s six” that soon turned into a group of the most notable and authoritative avant-garde fashion designers in the whole world. Shoe making industry became the main sphere of the creative activity of Dirk Bikkembergs and defined the brand’s future. Today, Bikkembergs is considered to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable producers of children’s footwear. Kid’s shoes provided by Bikkembergs are characterized by impeccable shapes and proportions. The trademark’s footwear for children represents a superb mixture of elegant and casual styles. A rich history of the trademark and its wide experience in the shoe making industry distinguish it from other designer brands. Nowadays, Bikkembergs provides a truly fabulous collection of children’s footwear that ideally fits the little feet of children and is comfortable to wear. Bikkembergs is widely known for the use of innovative technologies in the process of production. The brand’s footwear for kids has a convenient construction and features splendid design. Bikkembergs is for those kids who wish to show their individuality and stand out from the crowd.

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