Bronte Tweeds Baby Blankets & Shawls

Bronte Tweeds Baby Blankets

Bronte Tweeds Baby Blankets & Shawls

Bronte Tweeds is a British designer brand that offers high quality cotton goods for children, including waffles and cellular blankets. All parents know that warmth and softness are of great importance for little babies. The Bronte Tweeds brand allows children to feel 100% comfort and pleasure while sleeping. The brand’s products are an ideal choice for little babies as the brand’s designers use only organic materials and create superb designs. The Bronte Tweeds brand is considered the leading producer of baby blankets. The trademark was founded in 1837. The founder of the Bronte Tweeds brand is Abraham Moon who used to be the owner of a mill. In 1868, he owned a large mill on the Netherfield Road in Guiseley. Today, the Bronte Tweeds brand is a family owned company. The Bronte Tweeds designers still use the old pattern books and conventional techniques to create extraordinary retro looks. The products of Bronte Tweeds have long gained popularity on the international market of kid’s fashion. Special attention is paid to the design of blankets that are made from wool, cotton and many other organic fabrics. Today, the Bronte Tweeds products are available not only in the fashion stores, but can be purchased online. Bronte Tweeds is intended for all caring and loving parents who want their kids to be comfortable, warm and cozy.

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