Candy Crush Kids Outfit

Candy Crush Kids Outfit

Cardigans are without any doubts one of the best type of girl’s clothing for cold timer of the year. Wool blend cardigan by Pampolina would for sure be one of the favorite in the wardrobe of your girl. It has a classical cut, with ribbed placket, sleeve endings and neck hole in contrasting white color. The whole cardigan is made with white spots weave on the outside and the inside is white with grey spots, which makes it look smart and adds warmth. This cardigan would look great with a pair of skinny trousers or jeans, with a blouse and skirt set as well as with a dress. It could be worn as casual clothing for everyday, also be a part of a special occasion outfit.


Long-sleeved t-shirts are rather comfortable. They could be worn separately or used as an additional layer of clothing, in case it is really cold outside. Ivory long sleeved t-shirt by DKNY has a classical cut. It is made of soft stretch cotton jersey, which is the best fabric for tender child’s skin.  There are press buttons on the back part, which contributes to quick dressing an undressing even for a small child. The cool print with glittery image of a New York girl on the front would for sure be appreciated by your girl. In combination with jeans or any skirt, this t-shirt would create a lovely girlish image.


Dresses and skirts are certainly the most popular types of clothing for girls, because they really contribute to creating a tender feminine image. If you are looking for a special occasion skirt, then you could consider the double-layered tutu skirt, presented here by Angel’s Face. The grey and silver colors make it look like a piece of jewelry, at the same time allowing to combine it with various colors of tops. The elasticated waist is an advantage for proper fitting, and the satin tape bow on the front provides a smart finishing touch for the outfit.


Glamorous fur coats look really cool even on small baby girls. The artificial fur coat by Mayoral looks stunning for winter time. Its ivory color makes it compatible with various colors of accessories. The ribbon bow on the front adds charming detail to the whole image. The fur is made is soft swirls, which makes the fur coat look unusual and smart. The fur coat could also be a good variant of a present for a small princess. The press buttons on the front make the process of dressing easy and quick.


Accessories play important role for creating a general image, irrespective of the time of the year as well as the occasion. Even if we are talking about casual clothing for everyday, it is necessary to choose comfortable and suitable accessories. Taking care of the warmth and comfort of your girl, you would for sure want to purchase a nice pink knitted scarf by RoRo. It is made with a softest wool yarn, which makes it rather tender towards child’s skin. Pretty roses print on both endings make the scarf look feminine and tender.


If your girl likes spending time near the water, on the beach, near the pool, then you could make her activities brighter by purchasing a pair of really cute jelly shoes by Mini Melissa. There are cool teddy bear faces on the front and a velcro strap, which is easy to fasten even for a small girl, and a flexible sole, which is needed for comfortable walking. The peep toe hole on the front guarantees the comfort of your girl’s feet, even if it is rather warm. The shoes are packed into a box, which makes it a possible present to a lovely girl.

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