Caramel au Sucre Baby Clothes

Caramel au Sucre Kids Clothes

Caramel au Sucre Baby Clothes

Caramel au Sucre was founded by Viviane Deutsch who is a talented and skillful designer of kid’s wear. She provides little babies with comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing. The collections of the brand contain baby rompers, booties, cardigans, trousers and many other items of fashionable kid’s wear. Viviane Deutsch started her career as a fashion designer after the birth of her fourth child. At that time, she was struck by an idea to launch a collection of exclusive baby wear. Since then, she has been wholly dedicated to her creative work as a fashion designer. Viviane Deutsch has a powerful imagination and promising future. Today, Caramel au Sucre workshop is located in the heart of fashion – Paris. The goods offered by the trademark feature various designs, shapes and styles to satisfy the needs and wishes of even the most hard-to-please customers. Caramel au Sucre designs are intended for those parents who want their kids to feel comfortable and look trendy at the same time. The collections of Viviane Deutsch contain gorgeous items of baby wear and fantastic pieces of clothing for older kids. The kids’ wear by Caramel au Sucre is made of high quality cashmere and other natural materials that are perfectly safe for the health of children.  Caramel au Sucre clothing is often chosen as a gift for the new arrival.

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