CeLaVi Baby Clothes

CeLaVi Baby Clothing

CeLaVi Baby Clothes

CeLaVi was founded in Denmark in 1963. Its major purpose is to give children an opportunity to play outdoors in any kind of weather. CeLaVi designers respectfully treat the natural surroundings. The boots offered by the brand are made from high quality rubber and will keep your child’s feet warm and cozy on a rainy day. The materials used for the production of boots and rain gear do not contain any dangerous substances that may cause harm to the health of little children. And the lovely design of every model is appealing and eye-catching. The name of the brand CeLaVi comes from an internationally known expression that means “this is life”. Such a name reflects an idea of creating fashionable kid’s clothes and footwear that would help children explore the world in any weather. Perfectly designed clothes and boots by CeLaVi will serve your children for years. All products of the brand are brightly colored and feature various decorative elements. One of the characteristic features of the brand’s products is water resistance. This quality makes all products of CeLaVi suitable for any weather. All goods offered by the brand feature lively and colorful motifs. CeLaVi makes kid’s life full of fun and joy. Now your child can play outdoor games and have fun even on a rainy day.

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