Charabia Baby Dresses

Charabia Baby Dress

Charabia Baby Dresses

Charabia is a widely recognized French fashion brand that was founded in Paris in 1992. The brand specializes in the production of exclusive clothing and footwear for children of different age groups. The trademark was founded by a pair of fashion designers, Lena Henriksson and Eric Barenton. The Charabia collections are specially designed for parents who want to cultivate a good taste in their children. Almost all items of kid’s clothing are hand crafted and feature fabulous designs. The main feature of the brand is the use of innovative ideas, top quality fabrics and contemporary motifs. The Charabia clothing and footwear are intended for boys and girls alike. In the recent collections of the brand, the designers offer a wide variety of kid’s accessories. Charabia is widely known on the global market of kid’s fashion and is considered a luxury brand owing its characteristic style and designing techniques. Charabia means perfect silhouettes and glamorous fabrics, such as lace, silk, fur, velvet and others. Special attention is paid to the elements of decoration including masterfully made embroidery, hand knitted details, sophisticated feather trimming, beautiful sequins and elegant crochet details. A great number of parents choose the Charabia clothing for their children as they want them to look fashionable and feel comfortable all at once. The Charabia kid’s wear is now available online.

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