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From The World

When it comes to astonishing clothing, this brand is certainly well worth a mention. Indeed, From the world is a wonderful brand that boasts top quality, lots of trendy clothing to choose from, and a wide selection of stunning accessories.  Today, it manufactures clothing for women, men, children, and babies.

If we take a closer look at its creation, we will find out that the brand was launched by the legendary Stefano Cavalleri.  It is interesting to say that he was born in the family of a painter in Bergamo on August 28, 1951. As a result, Stefano was also always interested in colors, fashion, art and beauty. He graduated from Bergamo Art School. After travelling, he and picking up lots of ideas for new collections, he opened his first shop in his native town, Bergamo.

By the way, today, From the World may be regarded as a lavish tale of his personal travels and experiences that range from the gorgeous and well-known in the fashion world streets of Milan to the stunning silks of Shanghai. So, if you wish your kids to look chic and feel comfortable, buy From The World clothing and accessories for them!  Your baby will look absolutely stunning!

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