Gant Baby Clothes

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Gant Baby Clothes

In 1914 Bernard Gant has saw America for the first time. The ship came to New York and the legendary Statue of Liberty was ascending through the morning mist with the promise of a great future for people who are brave and enterprising. Like other immigrants, he wanted to become a real American. He was like many people who were beckoning for an “American dream”. Upon arrival in America, Bernard who was a tailor by profession took up sewing collars for shirts in a sewing workshop. Here he met his future wife, who was skilled in the art on the buttons and loops. The Union of professionals started the bottom of the family business. In 1941 Bernard, along with his cousin founded the company that was making shirts. For the moment this brand is ready to suggest distinct style collections, expensive accessories, the highest quality fabrics and interesting silhouettes. All this allows you to create a complete image of the brand. A lot of people prefer buying the clothing and accessories exactly of this trademark. This is the brand that suggests unsurpassed quality and a variety of different goods for its customers. You can always visit it online and buy whatever you want.

Buy Gant Baby Clothes


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