Il Gufo Baby Clothes

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Il Gufo Baby Clothes

Il Gufo is the world leader in the production of clothing of class “luxury” for children up to 14 years. At the core of the company is a small studio which over time turned into the international company under the name Il Gufo, which main office is located in Asolo with offices available in more than 30 countries around the world. The company products are sold in the best single-brand and multi-brand stores in the world: Europe, Russia, Belarus, the United States and in the East, so annual sales outside Italy was 30% of total turnover. For more than 25 years of creating its collections, Il Gufo uses only natural Italian fabrics, paying special attention to the design and details with most of which are handmade. The biggest value for this brand is children who feel comfortable and relaxed wearing new things and new collections of Il Gufo. This brand has its own style standing on short-term fashion. This is the most aristocratic Italy with its restrained tender colours, painstaking in the details and with amazing fabrics. Winter range of clothing is represented by the jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls and envelopes with real fur or without it. There is used natural insulation of 90% down and 10% of feather.

Buy Il Gufo Baby Clothes


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