Jessie and James Baby Clothes

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Jessie and James Baby Clothes

Jessie and James is a unique creative collaboration and a promising newcomer in the market for European goods for children. This young English brand was created by two creative parents in the past year. Jesse and James met when they both worked for Vivienne Westwood in her studio in London. Jesse studied at the University of Arts in Berlin under the direction of Vivienne Westwood and moved to London to join the creative team of Vivian and eventually became its creative designer. James was spotted in London Fashion Week and became a menswear designer of Vivienne Westwood. After five years of close collaboration occurred love at first sight. And soon there was born a child Billy “the Kid”. They always wanted to establish their own brand. The accumulated knowledge and experience were looking for a creative outlet and at this time we saw an opportunity to create something new and creative. Birth of a child has become a great reason for that. The collections of this brand are really beautiful and not less creative. There is an element fun. Children like wearing these clothing as it helps them original and unique in their own way. Our online store is ready to suggest you a variety of different clothes for every taste.

Buy Jessie and James Baby Clothes

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