Kathe Kruse Baby Toys

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Kathe Kruse Baby Toys

Dolls and toys Kathe Kruse have been created and are created specifically for children. These toys are designed to provide kids with the happy childhood as it is seen by modern European parents and educators. That is, the toy should be beautiful, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and a bit traditional (but modern). Unlike many other famous companies, the company Kathe Kruse never endured production in China. All the products are still manufactured in the EU. Of course, the name Kathe Kruse became a cult owing to the dolls, but now the basis of the range is soft toys for toddlers. Segment from 0 to 3 years is produced in several collections a year, united by a common theme. The collection includes literally everything you need for a baby starting from the tweeters and soft rattles, rugs and towels to interior items. Natural fabrics are preferred as the major materials along with the hypoallergenic synthetic fabrics based on polyamide compounds. These toys are so good that their design is often more interesting than the design of many so-called copyright toys. They are eagerly bought by parents. Every parent can visit the online store for buying the best toy for the child.

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