Knit Wit Kids Look

LACOSTE Boys Navy Blue Knitted Cardigan MURPHY & NYE Navy Blue Checked Cotton Shirt HYDROGEN Boys Blue Camouflage Scarf CESARE PACIOTTI 4US Grey Leather Embossed Logo Belt RALPH LAUREN Navy Lace And Velcro Shoe Image Map

Some boys don’t like shirts, as they associate them with classical style in clothing. In reality, there are nowadays a lot of casual options, which would look stylish and great with jeans or skinny trousers as well. One of the examples could be the checked long sleeved t-shirt by Murphy & Nye. Combination of navy blue and grey colors is classical for men’s clothing. The t-shirt is fastened with front buttons and there are additional buttons on the sleeves for fixing the turn ups in place for more casual look.

Cardigans are usual type of clothing for the cold time of the year. They could be worn separately over a t-shirt or a shirt or together with jacket or coat. Navy blue and white knitted cardigan by Lacoste is made of wool and cotton mix, which makes it very warm and comfortable. The snowflake pattern associates with winter time and winter holidays. The brown buttons for fastening are big and good for fastening even for small boys. There is crocodile logo embroidery on the front. This cardigan could be well combined with trousers, jeans.

If your boy doesn’t like classical type of trousers, still there are always occasions, which demand more traditional clothing, than jeans and t-shirts, then you could purchase the chino fit straight trousers by Hackett London. They are made of soft cotton, which makes them rather comfortable for any time of the year. The dark green color is easy compatible with numerous colors of the boys’ clothing. There are two pockets on the back with buttons and small logo on the front. The adjustable waist contributes to better fitting. Such trousers could be worn as part of casual outfit, as well as combined with white shirt for special occasion.

Choosing a nice scarf for a boy is not an easy task sometimes, they all seem alike, however if you are looking for high quality stylish accessory for your boy, then it is better to choose the one by Hydrogen. It is made of soft wool and silk mix, thus it is nice to touch and will not cause any discomfort to the neck skin. It has one camouflage side and the other side is with Hydrogen logo print. The frayed edges contribute to stylish look of the scarf. It is suitable for small boys, as well as for teenagers.

If you are sure, that a belt is not an important detail for boys’ outfits, then you are mistaken. It has both practical as well as stylistic functions and depending on the color of the belt, on its buckle and general correspondence to the whole outfit, it would either make the image finished or spoil it. The belt by Cesare Paciotti 4US is made from real leather, which makes it rather practical and soft. The classic buckle fastening is comfortable and compatible with classical trousers, as well as casual type of trousers or jeans.

Trainers are popular for children of all ages, they are comfortable and easy to put on, they could be worn with sportive type of clothing, as well as casual trousers, jeans, or shorts. Kind of classical trainers, without any extra details, are presented here by Ralph Lauren. They are of dark navy blue color, with red logo embroidery on the sides. The white sides of the soles make good color contrast and add to bright look of the trainers. They fasten with velcro straps in addition to imitation of laces, which are elasticated, and make the process of putting on the trainers easy and quick even for small children.

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