Liu-Jo Baby Clothes

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Liu-Jo Baby Clothes

Liu Jo is a brand that was founded in Italy in 1995 by the designer Marco Marchi and his brother. Clothing and footwear of Liu Jo is made from high quality materials and decorated with scatterings of rhinestones, beads and original prints. The first Liu Jo boutiques were opened in 1999 in Milan and Florence. The brand has become very popular among Italian women and girls, owing to the wide range of clothing and modern design. Now the company is growing rapidly and produces several lines of clothing and accessories: Liu Jo – elegant clothing, lingerie and swimwear for women, Liu Jeans – jersey and jeans for girls, Liu Jo – clothes for young people and Liu Jo Girl – for children and young people. Young, strong and seductive style of the brand Liu Jo goes beyond the frameworks gaining new fans by its romanticism and femininity. Brand Liu Jo is beautiful things and love to travel and as baggage you will have your dreams that take on reality. In just a few short years, Liu Jo went on a national and international level. It is for certain, Liu Jo is a twist of comfort and style that is created specifically for your baby.

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