Marni Baby Clothes

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Marni Baby Clothes

Such trademark as Marni has been created in 1994. Its creators are Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni. Originally the brand was supposed to be exclusively female clothing brand in the style prêt-a-porter, but with the time the brand started to develop and expand into the other areas. Already since 2002 the company started to produce clothing for men, lingerie, swimwear, jewellery and clothing for children. In 2005 there has appeared the first collection of sports shoes. For the moment this brand releases clothing for the girls whose age is from 4 to 12 years. The creators of this brand pay great attention to the colours that are used in the collections. At the same time design plays a very significant role for the designers. Marni is the brand that holds on to the traditions, but still does not forget about the modern trends. It creates fashionable clothing for the young girls who want to look the same stylish as their mothers. The designers of Marni use solely high quality and environmentally friendly materials so that the girls who will be wearing its clothes could feel the most comfortable. Pleasant colours, nice design and shape are those things that are suggested by this famous trademark.

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