Missoni Baby Clothes

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Missoni Baby Clothes

Italian brand Missoni was officially registered in 1966 by the Missoni family, Ottavio and Rosita. It all started with the fact that in 1947, two friends Ottavio Missoni and Giorgio Oberweger has opened a small knitwear company. Originally, it was the clothing of athletes who are engaged in athletics. The idea originates from the childhood and youth of Ottavio, who was going in for sports. A year later, the line of costumes «Venjulia» acquired the status of an official form of athletes in Italy, in which the athletes were in London during the Olympics. Despite the fact that in 1966, Missoni has been officially registered, there was not enough means for existing. To save money, the main focus was on materials with the different width colour strip. Later, there were zigzag patterns that became the mark of the brand Missoni. Products from Missoni showed the world the limitless opportunity and diversity of knitted goods. Clothing of Missoni is universal in the sense that it is suitable for walking and for the office, and even for the social event. Missoni is also famous for production of different knitted clothes for children. This production of clothing for children has been started in 2012 for the first time. Bright colours are what you will see when only you visit our online store and see what clothing and accessories this brand can offer for your child.

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