Monnalisa Baby Clothes

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Monnalisa Baby Clothes

Italian brand Monnalisa appeared in 1968. Its creators were Piero Yakomoni and Barbora Bertochchi. The company produces exclusive dressy clothing and accessories for children from 3 months to 16 years. Clothing of this brand is unique because it is designed only for girls. Although at first the company was engaged in the production of clothing for both girls and boys in a few years the emphasis was placed on the development of only one direction. This allowed the company Monnalisa become a world leader in production of clothing of luxury class. In general, the brand achieved popularity in the 50 countries of the world. Clothing from such brand as Monnalisa is presented in the most popular and chic shops. This clothing is original, exquisite and refined. Cloaks, coats, elegant skirts, dresses, pants, glamorous jackets and a lot of other things are full of ingenuity, romance, humor and elegance. These outfits will allow any girl feel like a fairy or a beautiful princess. Every parent has a chance to visit our online store for choosing one of gorgeous models from this famous brand. Needless to add, we are always at your service any time you need. Monnalisa is perfect quality of fabrics and impeccable design.

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