Moschino Baby Clothes

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Moschino Baby Clothes

Moschino brand owes its appearance to the Italian artist Franco Moschino who accidentally became a fashion designer, starting to draw illustrations for fashion magazines in an attempt to earn for living while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Franco’s talent did not go unnoticed and he was invited to the office of famous designer Gianni Versace. After many years of work on the house Versace in 1983 Moschino finally opened his own business not wanting to create a podium models, but the available street clothes for every day. Combining in his creations freedom and irony, positive and extravagance, Moschino is the first attracted the attention of the public and aroused the displeasure of the fellow designers, who saw in his “free” style disrespect for authority. Moschino was called “a fool of the world of fashion,” but he was not embarrassed at all. He is credited with saying “Fashionably is what you like – do not be a victim of fashion!” However, it was his courage and candor that the designer has won millions of hearts. In the collections of this famous designer you will find clothing and accessories either for boys or for girls. Buy the products from Moschino and see how original may look your child.

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