Papermoon Baby Clothes

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Papermoon Baby Clothes

Qualitative clothing for children Papermoon (Italy) is present on the market since 1986. Clothing for children from Papermoon is high quality products for children in the age since 0 to 14 years. The clothing is quite appropriate for the official events in the life of a child and for the casual walk in the evening in the park. The children clothing Papermoon combines classic direction with the impeccable style. Among the collections of this brand you will find products for newborns as well as clothing for school both for boys and girls. Modelling and production of good clothing for children is not that easy. This is a mission that requires absolute devotion to the world of children and understanding of the child psychology. For more than 24 years the company Papermoon is inspired by creation of conceptually innovative clothing for children. the thoughtful selection of materials (fabrics, accessories, components, colors and etc.) in combination with the imagination, modesty, social responsibility and ethically based means of production only the part of the whole that makes the products of Papermoon unique. The quality of life of children is what Papermoon strives to improve day by day. You can help this company to do that by buying its products in our online store.

Buy Papermoon Baby Clothes


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