Petit Nord Baby & Kids Clothes

Petit Nord clothes

Petit Nord

Petit Nords is a famous and trustworthy Danish brand that is specialized in leather clothing and kids footwear, Petit Nord boasts years of experience, top quality and amazing assortment.  The company is absolutely proud to announce that its every item is made from natural yet luxurious leather fabrics.  It was founded by the famous designer Jane Dencker Larsen long ago and it quickly reached the top of Olympus. Today, when it comes to premium fur and leather items for kids, this is one of the best companies currently available.

When it comes to kids collections, the clothing is available for girls and boys from 6 month to 16 years. You will find lots of adorable gilets, soft leather and fur hats, fur trims, sleepers, mittens, leather indoor shoes, real-fur collars, and etc. In fact, the company perfectly combines natural, quality fabric with a unique and minimalist design.

That is why, if you are looking for gorgeous, durable, comfortable, and warm clothing that is made from pure natural materials, it is for certain that you can hardly find a better option than this Scandinavian brand. Buy Petit Nord clothing, shoes and accessories for your little precious and both you and your babies will be satisfied! Enjoy a cozy nature style!

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