Rainbow Katz Children Shoes

Rainbow Katz shoes

Rainbow Katz

Rainbow Katz is a famous fashion brand that manufactures classic footwear kids for adults and kids of different age. It is a pure British brand that was launched in the 1980s in the UK. Generally speaking, the company pays lots of attention on manufacturing charming coloring handmade satin wedding shoes.  Yes, you heard that right. A pure British brand every item of which is handmade. The company uses only the finest materials. That is why there is no wonder why this brand is so popular not only on the UK market, but also around the whole world. What is more, mums and dads love buying Rainbow Katz products because they are certain in its quality and they also trust the designers of this company who do all their best to help to create exclusivity and a truly unique look.

Its head of design, Diane Hassall, is a well-known footwear designer who boasts years of experience. She uses her creative, always innovative ideas to create exquisite shoes of the highest possible quality.

Rainbow Katz is a famous brand around the world and you can buy its items not only in the famous fashion stores of London or across the UK, but also in many other countries, including France, Italy, and USA.

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