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Scotch Shrunk

Established in 1985, Scotch & Soda is an award-winning fashion brand that manufactures fancy clothing, accessories, and footwear. The main success of this wonderful brand is the fact that its designers create their fashion items with creativity and individuality. Besides, they use only environmentally-friendly materials. For example, lots of shirts, t-shirts, and tops are made from 100% cotton.  In addition, you will like that this brand offers bright designs and vivid colors.

It has a separate line for boys and girls, which is called Scotch Shrunk. This line was launched in the summer of 2008 by the famous Amsterdam based clothing designer.  Today, there you will find lots of wear, including tops, jackets, overshirts, jumpers, and chinos, jeans with braces, coats, trousers, hoodies, shorts, tracksuit tops, and cardigans. As to the accessories, this brand has what offer. You may choose from a wide selection of hats, caps, gloves, belts, glasses, scarfs, and etc. Kids simply adore wearing Scotch Shrunk trendy clothing and accessories because they make them feel like grownups.

That is why, if you want pick out something fashionable yet comfortable and durable for your kid, Scotch Shrunk is what you need. Make your baby look stylish and feel comfortable, buy Scotch Shrunk items for him or her! Time to bring out your baby’s bright personality!

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