Sophie La Giraffe Toys

Sophie La Giraffe toys

Sophie La Giraffe

If you have children, you can hardly find a better gaming solution for them than Sophie la Giraffe. This brand was born in France on St Sophie’s day (on the 25th of May) 1961, when Monsieur Rampeau used the rotational molding of rubber to apply it to toy-making and designed a wonderful giraffe. These days, this amazing toy is still produced and it sold not only in France, but around the globe as well. It should be added that the company is proud to announce that it uses – 100% natural rubber. Moreover, its organic nature eliminates the allergy risk for the babies.

Once you only take a closer look at Sophie the Giraffe, you will simply adore it. It is really adorable, charming and funny. That is why there is no wonder why it has quickly become a classical present for the newborn.

By the way, parents will immediately appreciate the advantages of this charming toe because it is, in fact, perfect for calming sore teething gums. In addition, Sophie La Giraffe is not only easy for the infant to hold it, but also it is lightweight and soft. To add some more fun, this charming toy animal boasts a special bumpy surface, helping ease teething pains. So, why not buy Sophie La Giraffe for your babies then?

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