Sterling Style Children Look

PETIT NORD Silver Leather Fur Trim Hat YOUNG VERSACE Boys Grey Cotton Medusa T-Shirt KENZO Silver Grey Tiger Sweater YOUNG VERSACE Metallic Leather High-Top Trainers PETIT NORD Silver Sheepskin Mittens with Fur Trim GUESS Boys Navy Blue and Silver Puffer Jacket Image Map

Bright colors are often used not only for the special occasion clothing for children. Sometimes for creating a cool casual look it is also possible to add some smart and bight details, like for example the hat by Petit Nord. Being made from the softest leather with a cotton lining and silky rabbit fur trim, it is certainly very warm and would brighten up the winter days of you boy. The color is undemanding and could be well combined with various colors of jackets, coats and boots. The ear flaps add warmth and at the same time provide various options of wearing the hat, either with flaps turned up or down.


Sweaters and sweatshirts are traditional for cold time of the year, they are well combined with various types of trousers, jeans, there is a great variety of styles, patterns, prints, thus any parent is able do find the suitable variant for the child. The sweater by Kenzo is of pale grey color, it looks really boyish and stylish thanks to the unusual embroidery with tiger head and logo. The embroidery, made of metallic thread, certainly adds brightness to the general image of the sweatshirt. The ribbed trims on the neck hole, cuffs and hem make the image finished.


Cotton long sleeved t-shirts are extremely popular among boys of any age. They are perfectly suiting any sportive trousers, jeans, skinny trousers and trainers. They could be a part of special occasion outfit, as well as worn for everyday under the cardigan or sweater. The cotton jersey t-shirt by Young Versace has bright velvet and silver image of Medusa on the front, adding style to the t-shirt. It could be well combined with most colors of boys’ clothing and help to create a cool image for a baby boy, as well as for a teenager.


Most boys like sportive style in their closing for every day. Thus as soon as winter comes, there is a need to choose a warm and comfortable puffer jacket for them; one of the options could be presented here by Guess. A striped navy blue and silver puffer jacket has classical cut. There is a badge logo on the sleeve and stars print on the front. The silky lining is nice to touch; there are two traditional front pockets and a lightweight hood, which would be hidden inside the collar with the zipper. The jacket would look great with jeans or skinny trousers and navy blue or silver trainers.


Trainers are adored by boys of all ages; they are comfortable to wear everyday with jeans or to put on, when going to some sports activities in addition to a sports costume. High-top trainers have a bit different look and are more appropriate for colder time of the year. The high-top trainers by Young Versace are made of real leather. The metallic silver shine makes them look really sophisticated and stylish, they would brighten up any type of outfit. The front strap and laces could be used for better fixing the trainers; there is a zipper on the side for quick putting on.


Irrespective of the type of the weather, the natural materials are always better for our children’s clothing. Especially during cold time of the year, parents do pay attention to the natural materials, as they are comfortable to wear, and are able to preserve warmth and protect from cold winds. Petit Nord presents here metallic silver mittens, made of sheepskin with rabbit fur trims. Apart of looking stunning and bright, these mitten guarantee warmth and comfort for your child, they could be perfectly combined with grey or silver jacket or boots, with a hat of corresponding color or even a silver colored scarf.

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