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Tales From The Earth

Launched in 1990 in Great Britain by two talented designers who had spent a great deal of time visiting and being inspired by stunning landscapes and various cultures -John DeCosta and Jo Culf, Tales From The Earth is a well-known jewelry brand these days.  So, why is this brand so popular? In fact, there are a number of factors. Interested? Please, keep on reading!

  • First of all, every its item is 100% made in England.  Today, not every company can boast the English origin.
  • Second, it uses the best materials, so you may count on the premium quality.
  • What is more, when it comes to the most beautiful personalized gifts, Tales From The Earth is a company number one.
  • It is the best way to tell not only your friends, but also your babies that they are precious for you.
  • Finally, if you only take a look at this wonderful brand, you will notice for sure that every item of Tales From The Earth assortment is absolutely stunning.

So, why not to start enjoying a touch of exclusivity then? It is high time to buy Tales From The Earth for your little precious to mark every important childhood milestone!

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