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Tod's kids shoes

Tod's shoes

Being a famous Italian company that manufactures shoes and other leather goods, Tod’s will not leave you indifferent once you only take a closer look at its assortment. Indeed, these days, Tod has what to offer. It was launched in in the late 1920s in Italy by Dorino Della Valle. Sometime later, in 1970s, his son Diego Della Valle started manufacturing footwear for US-based department stores.  Today, the company produces not only footwear but also other leather accessories. The brand has become so popular that you can buy Tod’s footwear in almost every country throughout the world.  As a matter of fact, it is the finest of Made in Italy in men’s and women’s shoes and other designer leather items.

It is of vital importance to mention that people all over the world simply adore this brand and they even buy it for their babies because Tod’s boasts top quality eco-friendly materials, stunning designs, vast assortment and reasonable pricing.

So, if you want your babies to feel comfortable, you have to buy them comfortable, top quality, eco-friendly and durable footwear. It is for certain that you can hardly find a better option than this well-known brand. Time to buy Tod’s for your babies and for all the family.

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